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Starters (6.50 € to 19,50 €)

House terrine served at the table
Traditional Parisian-style onion soup au gratin
Eggs mayonnaise with cooked diced vegetable
Burgundy snails 6 pieces
Dauphiné ravioli au gratin with parmesan
French duck foie gras
Fried calamari with tartare sauce
Tomatoes and Mozzarella "Di Bufala" with basil
Gilt-head bream tartare with avocado and lime

Fish and seafood (20 € to 27 €)

English style poached haddock with steamed potatoes
Fillet of gilt-head bream, chive butter sauce and house mashed potato
Pan-fried scallops, vegetable with pesto

Specialities of Montparnasse 1900 (16 € to 26 €)

Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb confit
Grilled rump steak with bearnaise sauce
Beef tartare or pan-fried "minced to order and prepared to your liking"
Whole or finely sliced veal kidney with mustard sauce
Duck confit with parsley potatoes
Calf's liver pan-fried in raspberry vinegar
Fine marbled boneless rib steak with béarnaise sauce
Veal Milanese
Sausage wheel with mashedpotato

Cheese platter (11 €)

Desserts (de 7 € to 11 €)

Crème brûlée with vanilla
Lime shortcrust tart
Bowl of house chocolate mousse
Selection of ice-creams and sorbets (traditionally made)
Gourmet baba soaked in Saint James amber rum and topped with sweet whipped cream
Floating island with pink pralines and house fine custard sauce
Pineapple carpaccio in vanilla syrup with rum and raisin ice cream
Raspberry tiramisu
Profiteroles: 3 choux puffs with vanilla ice cream and a pot of hot chocolate

Specialties Meat
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